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Dvorak - Male Choruses

Dvorak - Male Choruses

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Antonin Dvorak (8-9-1841 - 1-5-1904)
Choral songs for male voices, B. 66: The Ferryman, Lover-Poisoner, The Fiddler.
Bouquet of Czech Folk-songs, opus 41, B.72: The Betrayed Shepherd, The Sweetheart’s Resolve, The Guelder Rose,  The Czech Diogenes.
The Song of a Czech, B. 73
Bouquet of Slavonic Folk-songs, opus 43, B.76: Sorrow, Miraculous Water, The Maiden in the Wood.
Two Irish Songs, B. 601: Dear Connor, The Visit.
Five Choruses for Male Voices to Lithuanian Folk-song Texts, opus 27, B. 87: Village Gossip, Dwellers by the Sea, The Love Promise, The Lost Lamb, The Sparrow’s Party.
Four Choruses for Mixed Voices, opus 29, B. 59: Evening’s Blessing, Cradle Song, I won’t tell, The Forsaken One. 
In Nature’s Realm, opus 63, B. 126: Music Descended on my Soul, Bells Ring at Dusk, The Rye Field, The Silver Birch, With Dance and Song.

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Hradec Kralove male choir & Bonifantes o.l.v. Jan Misek; 
Jirina Maresova, piano; 
Canticorum iubilo o.l.v. Oliver Dohnanyi. 

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